Properties of Gases - Take Home Quiz 6

In this exercise you will be assigned two Properties of Gases problems to solve. The description of each problem is written as text - and individual variables that correspond to each problem are provided in the table below. Print out this page with your browser, but then please do your calculations, showing all work, on a seperate sheet of paper. Turn in your assignment by submitting this page and the sheet with your calculations. Each question is worth 10 marks.

1. A student reacted Zn(s) with HCl(aq) and collected (x) mL of H2(g)over water at 24 oC. The total pressure was determined to be 746 torr.

a. Draw a diagram representing the hydrogen gas collected over water. Label all relevant parameters.

b.Given that the other product, besides hydrogen gas, was zinc chloride(aq), write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction.

c.Calculate the mass of zinc (in grams) that had to react with HCl (aq) to produce the H2 that was collected. You will need to use the table of vapour pressures of water from chem activity 16.


2. Consider two flasks connected by a stopcock. One has a volume of 1.00 L and contains Ar (g) at a pressure of 730. mm Hg and the other flask has a volume of 1.50 L and contains He (g) at a pressure of (y) mm Hg. The stopcock is opened so that the two gases mix completely.

a. Draw a diagram representing the two flasks connected by a stopcock. Label all relevant parameters.

b. Calculate the partial pressures of Ar (g) and He (g) and the total pressure of the resultant mixture.


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