Lewis Structure, Geometry and Polarity - Take home quiz 9

In this exercise you will draw the Lewis Dot Structure and state the Electronic and Molecular Geometry for five molecules/ions. For the Lewis Dot structures, please include Formal Charges for each atom and any important resonance structures (use a seperate sheet of paper). Sate the Electronic and Molecular Geometries. For each structure you should also sketch the Molecular Geometry, indicate any Partial Charges, Bond Dipoles and overall Molecular Dipoles. Work that is not clearly presented and legible will not be graded. Six marks for each substance for a total of 30 marks for the assignment. The five substances have been randomly selected from a database. You should print out this sheet with your browser and include it with you work written on seperate sheets of paper.


Assignment Checklist - for each substance you should have/do:

  1. Lewis Dot Structure (including formal charges and resonance structures)
  2. State Electronic and Molecular Geometries
  3. Sketch Molecular Geometry (including partial charges, bond dipoles and molecular dipoles)

Notes:This assignment was initially prepared by Patrick Gormley . I (CD) have since adapted it. Inspiration for this assignment came from an article by David N. Cash in the December 2000 issue of Chem13 News,. Currently the database of substances includes 4 of Linear geometry, 8 of Trigonal Planar geometry, 18 of Tetrahedral geometry, 14 of Trigonal Bypyramidal geometry, and 12 of Octahedral geometry. This allows for the creation of 96,768 different worksheets.

Dr. C Doige, Okanagan College