I studied with many great professionals in Europe and North America. I was lucky that way. I could not tell you what exactly I learned from each of these great people, except that they were all of a singular focus as well as being generous to their art and their assistants.
When they saw it - they knew it and what it was can only be understood in terms of light and shadow. Like watching a storm system build, every hour something new. London was that way in the sixties.
In those days photography seemed still a frontier, offering answers to the subjects in question. Now it has the aura of a backwater of sorts. But in those tidal pools and puddles, new life constantly rises.
In the middle of all this I took a turn along the road and found myself on a spiritual journey and to be honest I did not pay much attention to photography during that time period. Lost all my negatives somewhere and only started to work seriously again after ten years - with a different view of course.
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