Bio: Carla Whitten

After completing the Administrative Assistant Certificate Program at Okanagan College in 2010 Carla joined the college as an employee. She started as a practicum student with the OSB, moved to an auxiliary position in the Office of the Registrar, then joined Science, Technology and Health as a program assistant.  She is currently the Assistant to the Director of Learning and Applied Research and the Research Ethics Board Secretary.

Carla also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Okanagan University College, a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education from Brock University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Education with the University of Calgary. The focus of her graduate research is on the various inequities that exist between employee groups within higher education, with a particular emphasis on barriers to support staff professional development and career advancement. Carla plans to pursue this topic throughout her Master’s degree on into her PhD studies. Her long-term aspiration is that this research will help to provide greater opportunities for women in the post-secondary workforce.