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Career Cruising:  is an interactive Canadian career guidance resource available to Okanagan College students.  It provides in-depth profiles on hundreds of different careers, including interviews with real people in every career. www.careercruising.com   Please contact me or Tanya in the Admin. office to get the log-in information.  You can also pick up a handout out side my office (D366) with the log-in info.

Education Planner BC: Information about post-secondary education in BC including surveys of former students. http://www.educationplanner.bc.ca/index.cfm

BC Student Outcomes: What do former post-secondary students say about the institutions they attended? About their programs of study? Were they satisfied? How many found jobs? How many went back to school?

Job Futures - World of Work, Labor Market Information - A pdf document produced by the Canadian government highlighting trends in today's labor market.

Community Futures North Okanagan  Community Futures operates both the Employment Options Program and Resource Centre for individuals over 30 and the Career Connections Centre for individuals under 30.

Intro to Career Planning PowerPoint Presentation

Career Directions Resources (word document)

What can I do with a degree in.... (word document)

An excellent web site from the University of Guelph career services linking majors/degrees to career opportunities.

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