Meet the Kansai Gaidai Students

Kazuto Yasuda  Kazuto Yasuda
 My name is Kazuto Yasuda.

  I'm shy.
  I'm interested in  something.
MkiYokoyamaMiki Yokoyama
 My name is Miki.
 I'm 19 years old.
 My birthday is  October 16. I'm from Hiroshima. I like animals. So I have a dog and three cats.
Mayu UeokaMayu Ueoka
Hello. I'm  Mayu. Nice to meet you.
 I'm 19 years old.  My birthday is  September 6.
I like dogs.I have two dogs, very very cute. My hobby is listening to music and watching foreign country drama.
My favorite drama is "Prison Break".
I want to be a good English speaker.
Thank you.
HirokiHiroki Takemoto
 My name Hiroki  Takemoto.  I´m 19  years old.  I'm  from Osaka. I like traveling.

Reika TakatsukaReika Takatsuka
 My name is  Reika.
 I 'm 19 years old.  My birthday is  April 23. I am a yongest of three sisters. My hobby is shopping.

Mayu SugaMayu Suga
  Hello.  I'm 18  years old. My  birthday is March  20th.  My family is  5  people and 2  cats. I love my  pets and all  animals.  My hobby is dancing, listening music and  shopping!  I want to experience many kind of things in Canada!  Nice to meet you.

Yuuki Matsuo  Yuki Matsuo
 My name is  Yuuki.  I'm from  Japan. I'm 19  years  old. My  hobby are  watching DVD,  Movie, listening music and so on. I'm looking forward to studing at this college!!
Mayu KuroseMayu Kurose
 My name is  Mayu Kurose.
 I'm 19 years  old.  I love  listening to  music, basketball and soccer.
Misako KawabataMisako Kawabata
 My name is  Misako.  I'm 19  years old. I'm from  Ehime. I belong to  the street dance circle "ZERO". And I like cooking
AyakaFujiiAyaka Fujii
My name is Ayaka.
 I am 19 years old.
 I am from Kyoto.
 I like to play soft  tennis.

Sachika AndoSachika Ando
 My name is  Sachika. I'm 19  years old.  My  birthday is  May  15. There are eight in my family. Great- grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, younger-sister, younger -brother and me. I'm from Okayama prefecture.

cute beaver
 My name is  Beaver .  You  can find me on  the Canadian Nickel.  I am worth 5 cents.  
Welcome to Canada!!!