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Request for Information: SCORM Compliant E-learning Module

Okanagan College Wine & Viticulture is developing a unique, online course to increase the knowledge of and appreciation for BC Wine. The target audience is people who serve BC Wine in environments such as restaurants, wine stores and tasting rooms. To ensure, ease of use, interactivity and learner engagement, Okanagan College is exploring the use of a SCORM compliant e-learning tool.  We require an e-learning tool that could be used for other Okanagan College initiatives.  The content and design already exists; the primary resources are professionally produced videos. In addition to effective use of video and images, the eLearning tool used must have the ability to track, assess and reward the learner with a credential after satisfactorily completing an engaging assessment. The SCORM module must be mobile friendly and will either be hosted in Moodle, our learning management system – or can stand on its own.

Experienced proponents interested in developing this module should submit the information requested by email to Danielle Robinson  by 12:00pm, October 7,  2013.

 Experience, Reputation and Resources Proposal
  1. Proponent’s servicing resources, capability and capacity, as relevant.
  2. Proponent’s relevant experience and qualifications in delivering Services similar to those required by the RFI (describe how your organization is an industry leader in the Services and the competitive advantage that your firm provides).
  3. Proponent’s demonstrated ability to provide the Services.  Provide examples of similar Services.
  4. Proponent’s references (name and contact information). 
  5. Indicate by position or title the person(s) who will have the overall responsibility for this account.
  6.  Information about the proposed e-learning tool (including cost) and Learning Management System options.
Proof of Concept
Please provide a “proof of concept” demo of the first 3 interactive screens using the e-learning tool of your choice, including how you would use video.  Follow this link for access to the necessary curriculum in Moodle; use bcwine as username and wineserver as password. Use "other:" to log in . Also see further detailed information on BC Wine Server.

Financial Proposal
Proponent should provide with their submission a Financial Proposal that details a clear, concise and comprehensive outline of the services and all fees, including software, development, and service and/or maintenance.

Schedule Proposal
Proponents should provide an estimated schedule, with major item descriptions and time indicating a commitment to perform the Contract within the time.

Questions can be addressed by email to Danielle Robinson (drobinson@okanagan.bc.ca) or Ross McKerlich (rmckerlich@okanagan.bc.ca) at Okanagan College.