Sharon B.C.Mansiere (nee Dechesne)

Associate Professor of Biology



M.Sc. in Biology (1999) University of Victoria, B.C.

B.A. in English    (1991) University of Calgary, Alberta.

B.Sc. in Zoology (1990) University of Calgary (with credits from

 University of Groningen, Netherlands).



Office: Sunoka PE O13 (Penticton Campus)

Phone: 492-4305 Local 3234, toll-free 1-866-510-8899





*    I came to OC (previously OUC) in 1996 and have been teaching at both the Penticton and the Kelowna centres ever since. 

*    I studied at the University of Calgary and Groningen (Netherlands) for my B.Sc. (Zoology) and B.A. (English), and later moved onto UVic to complete my M.Sc. (Biology). 

*    For my Master’s research, I analyzed the behaviours and vocalizations of the old-growth forest nesting seabird, the Marbled Murrelet. 

*    I have spent summers climbing around in the rockies after sparrows, traipsing through the Yukon after hares, working around Queen Charlotte Island logging camps, and surveying from boats in Baja Mexico and around the Channel Islands in California. 

*    At this point, I plan to continue to work on seabirds (primarily in the family alcidae:  puffins and their relatives) focusing on animal behaviour (ethology) especially, communication. 




Figure 1. Marbled Murrelet (Juvenile). (G.Van Vliet)

Figure 2. Marbled Murrelet (Adult, Winter Plumage) USA gov. photo.

Figure 3 Marbled Murrelet (Adult, Alternate Plumage at nest, Sierra club photo )

Figure 4 Xantus' Murrelet.Montereyseabird photo.

Figure 5. White-crowned Sparrow Greg Asley Image)



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