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Popular Gang Typologies in the Twentieth Century

Author(s)     Gang Typologies

F. Thrasher, 1927 diffuse, solidified, conventionalized

C.S. Taylor, 1990 scavenger, territorial, corporate

C.R. Huff, 1989 hedonistic, instrumental, predatory

Rosenbaum, 1983 fighting, moneymaking

L. Yablonski(y?), 1962 delinquent, violent, social

Cloward and Ohlin, 1960 criminal, conflict, retreatist

John Fagan, 1989 social, party, serious delinquent, incipient organization


Other juvenile delinquency/gang/subculture theorists

James F. Short

William F. Whyte

Gerald D. Suttles

Irving Spergel

J. Haskins

M. W. Klein and B. G. Myerhoff

Walter Miller

Elliot Liebow

Jay Macleod


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